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적당함; 온건, 절제;
Synonyms: temperance; self-control; restraint; prudence; balance; sobriety; judiciousness;
The key to a healthy life is moderation, as it allows us to enjoy all things in balance and without excess.
올바른 삶의 비결은 절제입니다. 모든 것을 균형잡히고 과하지 않게 즐길 수 있습니다.
The debate was conducted with moderation, as both sides presented their arguments calmly and respectfully.
논쟁은 양측이 진정으로 의견을 제시하며 차분하고 존중하게 토론하는 절제적인 방식으로 이루어졌습니다.
The chef's use of moderation in seasoning allowed the natural flavors of the ingredients to shine through.
요리사의 절제적인 양념 사용은 재료의 자연스러운 맛을 빛나게 해주었습니다.
Modertion: the quality of avoiding extremes; the act of keeping within reasonable limits.
Synonyms: temperance, self-control, restraint, prudence, balance, sobriety, judiciousness; 
Antonyms: excess, extravagance, intemperance, indulgence.